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Mr. Merrill is a general contractor for projects including commercial, high-rise and industrial facilities improvements. Mr. Merrill’s technical expertise as a general contractor, along with his understanding of code requirements, have served the project development process well. Many projects require a “design/build” approach to solving problematic situations. Steve Merrill’s depth of knowledge has often led to simple, effective solutions to these problems.

It is for the above reasons; I am writing to support his choice as a general contractor.

Mazda Motor of America, inc.

William F. Zornek

Corporate Facilities Manager


I work closely with ACM, LLC on reconfiguration of several areas in our facility. ACM, LLC proved to be willing to work with us on last minute changes, very professional, ensuring that the construction caused as little as possible disruption to our business activities as possible. The quality and caliper of their work was exemplary.

Sara Schoenfelder


Corporation Planning and Administration

Mazda R & D north America




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