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Comprehensive Construction Service Program


ACM, LLC’s program involves more than having a set of construction documents, tools, equipment, gathering of materials and assembly of the construction schedule -- be it to an existing building having occupants or a new building with surrounding neighbors.


Typically, the eyes are focused on the actual construction activities and areas involved along with those spaces directly adjacent. The peripheral impacts get limited attention. The farther in distance from the physical work zone they fade even faster from view, thought or topic of inclusion.


It is common that assumptions are made as to who, what and when “those” items and issues will be handled. Items such as parking, deliveries and receiving, protection, staging, access, furniture, fixtures, equipment and appliance and décor moving/relocation and/or storage. If the occupants are to be present during the work, their safety and activities they expect to be able to perform and maintaining power, water, sanitation and trash should be addressed. As the project areas expands or are phased, how do such items get addressed and handled?


ACM, LLC’s COMPREHENSIVE CONSTRUCTION SERVICE PROGRAM includes deep attention to the method of assembly, a watchful eye on the environment inside and out, supporting non-construction services such as moving, relocation, safe clean access and egress, along with accommodating life’s activities in, around and within the actual construction area


It calls for a solid background and proven experience in design, architecture, problem solving skills, understanding of the long term maintenance and service needs and working in active occupied environments. Having as much attention and concern for happenings to the larger occupied areas inside and out as that for the direct construction impact areas.


Having a program that addresses these and other items, will layout the plan including the associated action and implementation. Life during construction will be better understood, their activities, timing, duration and impacts for both inside and site conditions. This brings a greater sense of calmness, understanding, tolerance because the expectations are brought to into the light and shared by all.


In addition to the basic comprehensive construction service, COMPREHENSIVE CONSTRUCTION SERVICE PROGRAM can make the difference in the mood and atmosphere of your project. The real effect will usually arise after an extended period of trying to pretend all is well yet everyone is getting tired of the disruption, lack of privacy, inconvenient, noise, etc.


As part of our COMPREHENSIVE CONSTRUCTION SERVICE PROGRAM various supporting services that are not connected with the actual construction; however, are beneficial to our client’s construction process are:

  • Taking delivery, staging and protection of Owner’s items
  • Protection of Owner’s venders and subcontractor’s products after they are installed
  • Repair and punch out, touch up of existing areas outside the original scope yet selected and sporadic inquires
  • Continued and on-going design and product consulting
  • Set up temporary utilities and services not originally coordinated.
  • Vehicle cleaning from construction dust
  • Packing and storage -- Temporary during construction items such as furnishings, equipment and supplies
  • Moving and relocation -- Temporary during construction items such as furniture, furnishings, appliances, equipment and supplies
  • Protection, barricades and barriers -- This is above the standard construction needs. Can include security and access within effected areas
  • Cleaning -- This is above the standard construction needs.
  • Specialty services -- Client specific
  • Design and Engineering -- Architecture, Structural & Civil, Testing & Inspection and Field Engineering
  • IT -- Voice/data, multi-media and security




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