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Company Introduction & Mission


It began in my youth…the enjoyment of building, drawing and design. Over the years these roots deepened and grew into construction, drafting, architecture and engineering. Having many pleasurable years of rich and diverse experiences, knowledge and creativity, the enjoyment only serves to continually stir our energies, passions and pursuit of solid quality in solutions to our client’s needs.


Out of the passion for what we do and seeing a desire and need for the full design and construction package we can offer, ACM, LLC came into being here in Nashville, Tennessee. We are a solutions company in the design build construction world of solid quality buildings. We deliver your finished project in a timely fashion, one that answers your needs and desires and that embodies ascetics with a solid balance in cost and performance.


ACM, LLC is a Tennessee State licensed general contractor, offers solid quality problem solving solutions utilizing over 35 years of extensive expertise in creative design/engineering solutions, our knowledge and experience of construction means and methods with their application and performance. All the while keeping maintenance and serviceability in mind. ACM, LLC delivers solid quality projects to a diverse range of projects for our residential and commercial clients -- be the need architectural, structural and/or functional for interior, exterior and/or site.


Our mission is to establish ACM, LLC as the “go to” Design Build Construction company for both high quality residential and business clients by utilizing our successful problem-solving solutions, reliable performance, solid quality and our helpful and caring support to all details of your project’s needs. ACM, LLC’s goal as the “go-to” Design Building Construction company is to provide our residential and business clients reliable performance, delivery of consistent solid quality results in the least disruptive manner while maintaining security & safety, a clean environment and in a timely manner. We deliver a solid project -- balanced in design, cost, performance and long term serviceability.


We have a strong reputation for problem solving, being attentive to solid quality, an eye for detail, courteous and clean work in and around occupied environments. Our emphasis is in the addition, renovation and remodel markets with projects starting at $50,000.00.


ACM, LLC, as a Residential Building Designer, offers the talent of design and assembly of construction documents and specifications for a variety of styles, themes and types of buildings, site and hardscape projects.  ACM LLC’s Residential Building Design service’s mission is to bring creative designs and solutions to the many visual and functional desires and needs of our clients’ building projects by employing our rich deep experience in design, structural, construction and long term maintenance implications. The goal of our Residential Building Design service is to provide comprehensive, solid and competent documents and specifications which incorporate and communicate the desired outcome of our client’s project to those involved in bringing them to life.


ACM, LLC’s Interior Solutions carries our ability to support your residential interior design and related construction. Interior Solutions brings first hand expertise to layout solutions for rooms and storage needs and provides custom fabric décor & accessories.


When completed, ACM, LLC presents to you your promised project, THE SOLUTION, that embodies quality, eye- pleasing design having a solid balance in cost and performance.


Before establishing ACM, LLC, Steve Merrill held positions as President of a commercial construction company located in Southern California and Project Director for a design build construction company in Nashville, Tennessee.


His experience and responsibilities in architecture were with both domestic and international firms. His experience in construction tracks up through field supervision, pre-construction, project management, branch manager to president of a general construction company for both Commercial and solid quality Residential clients.




Pleasuring working with and utilizing the skills and knowledge of ACM, LLC. on both large and small projects. Every project was carefully planned and carried out with the utmost for quality with attention to detail. I have given ACM, LLC many challenges and they have come through every time. I highly recommend ACM LLC.

Chris Billings

Facility Manager





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